Why is the Church here?

A few of us, on Saturday the 2nd, attended a group of people concerned with reaching the world for Jesus. Dave Fenska and his wife hosted us and we shared how the congregations were doing. I've been part of leadership in the denominational church since 1980. In 35 years you would think that congregations in the U.S. would have got it right but we still struggle at puting first things first. 
In preparation for our time Dave posted this quote from Dr. McGavran a Missiologist and scholar. 
"The church exists not for herself but for the world. She has been saved in order to save others. She always has Understanding Church Growth by Donald A. McGavran revised and edited by Peter Wagnera two-fold task: winning unbelievers to Christ and growing in grace. While these tasks overlap, they are distinct. Neither should be slighted. Today's great vision, which calls the churches to rectify injustices in their neighborhoods and nations, is good; but it must not supplant the vision that calls them to make disciples of all nations."
Donald McGavran, Understanding Church Growth, Revised. p. 124
And here is Dr McGavran's point. For whom does the church exist? Is it for the members or the non-believers. If it is for both, who's needs take priorities? Consider your thoughts on this as we move through Easter toward Pentecost




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